Writing Can Be a Dream

It’s after midnight and my mind is racing in so many directions.  Why is it when darkness falls, all the wonderful imaginings one should have during the day come at night?  I have dreamed my stories and seen them in  bright technecolor, only to forget them by morning. or  I have gotten up from a warm bed to write these wonderful tidbits of characterizations and plot, but by morning when I have had my first cup of coffee, I wonder who that person was that wrote those words on the pages of my journal!
There have been a few instances of dreams that have given me tales I would never have thought of in the light of day- for instance the short story I wrote of Hershal the Traveling Flea who rode on the back of a spider monkey.  It was all a dream, but too good to pass up.
I once went to a writing workshop that was centered on dream writing.  I had no dreams to share, so I used Hershal, and was given some very odd looks, but also some great smiles and nods of admiration.  It worked, so I continue to use my dreams as inspiration if they are not too off the wall or I feel could be quite funny to my young readers.  I would be interested in knowing if anyone else has done some writing from their dreams.


2 thoughts on “Writing Can Be a Dream

  1. Yes, I have often written things inspired by dreams. Mostly poems, but also snippets that got added into stories. Even mathematicians and scientists have had eureka moments due to dreams …

  2. I have, and they were either very Freudian (whom I depise) or Kafkaesque. I do love the surreal, unreal, real–hell, it’s all the same thing anyway.

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