So What to Do if Creativity Has Gone on Vacation?

It’s amazing to me how many writers like me are out there.  They twiddle their thumbs, get up from the chair to walk around and sniff out some new dust, and do a number of things to avoid  sitting in front of the computer to work the old brain to create what is so close to the surface.   So what can we do if we suffer from  the creative abyss, the black hole, the point of no return, the desert of unending dullness and sparsity?

Me, I ponder…… and I ponder some more. There are a few ideas that I have found to be helpful in springing creativity from the empty well.  Here are a few of the things I have found works.

1. Go out and eat and have your eyes and ears pealed on what other customers are saying to each other.  Of course be discreet, because otherwise you may be looked at a bit strange!  Try to piece together a story from a phrase or sentence that sounds interesting.  I let my imagination rip, and come up with all types of scenarios from just being “nosey.”  Women are especially fun to listen to, because face it, our best friends are our best shrinks!

2. Join a writer’s group.  It helps to hear suggestions from other struggling and not so struggling writers.  Encouragement is always a good thing, as long as it’s honest and not sugar-coating your badly needed rewrite.

3. Talk to children.  They are the eyes and the ears of the world and see life from a fun and fresh point of view.

4. Fall in love with another writer.  It’s not only fun but he or she can serve as your best critic if it’s an honest relationship.  My writer husband and I met in a creative writing class, and for us, falling in love, brought out the creative juices. I will never forget that most exciting time in our lives.  I’m going to write a book about it!

5. Write an experience you have once had that others may find interesting. We all have our own stories to tell!

6. Don’t be hard on yourself when you have moments of emptiness.  Treat yourself to something you enjoy doing, and come back to the computer once your mood has changed. The computer screen looks a lot brighter when you are rested and feeling good inside and out. Myself, I like to take a brisk walk around my lake, or just sit under the willow tree and meditate.  My mind is free when I come back in to face my writing.

So fellow writers, I would like to know what you do to open up the creative side.  Please respond!


5 thoughts on “So What to Do if Creativity Has Gone on Vacation?

  1. All great suggestions! Another would be to just sit down and begin writing something. Whether it be a letter to a relative or friend, or begin writing a piece describing what you see from your chair. The “process” itself will awaken that part of your brain which controls creativity, and will pull the trigger on your muse, stimulting the imagination to kick in and begin creating a story. It may not be the one you are working on, but it will be something – perhaps your next project. Either way once your imagination is kick-started in this manner, all kinds of writing will begin flowing out of your pen, keyboard, or digital recorder. Just let it flow, do not try to control it, your muse is a fickle mistress, and if you try to stifle her or direct her in any way, she will throw a tantrem and treat you to silence until she gets her way. Let her go. The story is hers, and you are just the instrument to put it on paper.

  2. I really love your advice on stimulating creativity, and just keeping your ears open to the world around you. I myself am not a writer, I’m an artist. But art (at least the art I strive to create) is a visual narritive. And often I people watch as a source of inspiration. In creating these fictional backstories from the people I see in my day to day travels, it helps me maintain a level of freshness to my work, design and concepts. Helping me when I’m devoid of inspiration, to steer clear away from what I call my comfort clutches.

    Keep up the writing Cindi, and never lose site of your inspiration.

    • Thanks Derek for writing a comment. It’s encourging to know that you appreciate what I am doing! The Whisper is on its’ way to being completed- after how many years?!!!
      I could say that I was waiting for the right time for you to illustrate it. Love you hon. You are an inspiration to me, someone I can learn from. You have followed your dream, so how could I not?

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