Take Me to Your Clouds!

A friend of mine wrote to me telling me not to give up my dream of writing.  He said, “Take me to your clouds!”  Now I am obligated  to do that for him.  I can’t let a friend down, or myself, and so I will continue to write, and struggle, and enjoy the time in my cloudy world.

As writers we are often misunderstood.  Some say we live in a dream world, we’re moody, frustrated, and sometimes just plain rude when the writing mood hits and we feel “bothered” by a loved one who wants a hug or just a “hi, how was your day?”  I admit that I am not an easy person to live with when the writing bug hits, or when it doesn’t hit.  Either way, my writing has interfered with my relationship.

Having a spouse who is a writer as well,  can be a catastrophe on any marriage,  as each have their own writing agenda, time lines, and needed time to be alone and ponder the next great character of a story, or the plot that doesn’t seem to move along.  My soon to be ex, yes, I said ex, and I could never seem to work that out.  When he was writing, I wasn’t, and vice versa, but always our respect for each others work was there.  We had that at least.

We aren’t all lucky to be “stay at home writers” where we can nurture our characters along as we do our children, our families, and home.  What a joy that would be to have that luxury of time.  Now that I am a single woman, I struggle with the fact that no one is there “to bother me.”  I have taken my writing to my writer’s group to be my surrogate editors for  words of advice.

Within the next few blogs I will be posting ways that writers can be noticed by publishers so the hard work is noticed and appreciated.   For now, I want my soft pillow to take me away to the clouds, so I can write clean, concise, and great writing.  I do my best dreaming in my bed.  Where do you find your inspiration?


Writing in the Now

“The only place where you can or need to be free is this moment. Not the rest of your life. Just now.”—  Eckhart Tolle

What a wonderful way to think!  I have been trying to learn to do this in my daily life although it hasn’t been easy.  Some days, like today, I slip into the abyss and it takes something pretty phenomenal to pull me back out.  Tonight I had that experience of being saved from my self pity. After a day of life shattering moments–including my toilet backing up–I packed up all the woes and went to my writing group which I just recently joined. It was an evening of pure joy to critique and listen to some kick-ass writers put their stuff out there.  I know they all had their issues, their disappointments today or this week, but yet, they continued on with what they most love- their writing!
Writing can be a lonely road, a cornacopia  of emotions from frustration, depression, self degradation.  It is no wonder that writers take to drink!  We can be the hardest on ourselves and our talents. We are exceptional at coming up with excuses for our lack of words.  Today my big excuse was “I just can’t deal anymore!” I found out I can, despite the hours of tears I spent on something I no longer have control over. My writing is and always has been my escape into worlds and places and people that I can control.
If we take the words of Eckart Tolle and apply them to writing, what freedom that can give us!  Let’s stop being so hard on ourselves and just write in the moment.  So what if we won’t make our deadline.  Throw the deadline out the window if it is adding pressure! Need a break?  Who doesn’t?  It is perfectly okay to “live in the moment” and be good to yourself.  That time spent away from the computer may just be what one needs to free the words from the prison we have put on them.   Give yourself permission to enjoy life and your writing.The best writing comes when it just flows.  Take a breath, a time out if needed, and just write in the moment, for the very joy of it.