Seeping in Creative Passion

Recently I haven’t been writing too much.  I don’t know why that is, whether it be laziness, complacency, or just an emptiness.  I seemed to have put that robust excitement of imagination to rest.  I want my passion back, and have had a hell of a time finding where I last left it.  I decided rather to punish myself, tear my hair out, and pity the “lost writer”, I would  pour myself into very creative events and locations in hopes that creative osmosis seeps in. Observing others creativity is like a breath of fresh air. Seeing, smelling, touching and hearing other creative talents this past month has spurred on my own talents. The appreciation I have gained from being aware and thankful for others gifts,  has been like adding sugar to lemonade.  I’m again feeling that my writing is again becoming sweeter, more enjoyable, and just plain fun!  It’s becoming what it used to be- full of passion.

My son is a Chicago transplant, and I was fortunate to see him selling his art at the Russell Industrial area in Detroit a few weekends ago.Talented artists of all types proudly displayed their God given gifts.  Photographers, jewelry makers, artists of every medium– and musicians,  all unknowingly sucker punched me back into my own creative world.  What amazed me the most was the ideology of these geniuses was that most didn’t care if they sold anything or not.  They just wanted to share their love of their craft to the people of Detroit.  Selling was a boon, not an expected outcome.

I just returned from a trip to Chicago where my artist son proudly showed me around.  I saw every sculpture, raw talent in the streets, musicians playing in the subways, and the beauty Chicago boasts in its gardens and strolling avenues. My breath was taken away as I took it all in.  Creativity surrounded me as I walked the streets and observed the talent.   Most importantly, I enjoyed listening to my son discuss his latest projects with me.  To hear and feel the passion and love for art in Derek’s voice,  filled me with such awe and reflection.  I remembered the passion I used to feel when I took my latest writing to my groups, to my husband, to anyone who would read and listen to what I wrote.  I couldn’t get enough information, feedback, and love of networking with other writers who felt as I did.

So, now it’s time to write, reflect, and enjoy my craft.  I am fortunate to belong to The Shelby Writers Group to push me forward and at the same time give their honest opinions and critiques.  Talking to, and being with other writers is an exciting insightful blessing, I am not letting go this time around.

My advice to you fellow writers who don’t feel the passion or the fun in writing as you used to, is to take a trip out of your box–see, hear, feel and remember what it felt like at one time. Live it through another person’s  passions.  Remember!