You Are a Teacher

We can’t all be a Maya Angelou, the famous author, speaker and world peace maker, but we can take some of what she says and use it for our own growth. With all of her gifts, the one gift she says is most important to her is that she knows who she is, which is a teacher.

We are all teachers as we let the words we write flow across the page. What does it matter what genre we write? I once was asked a good question. I was asked, “what kind of writer are you?” I pondered that thought, and came to the conclusion that I am a writer of many different genres depending on my mood, my intention of writing for money or pleasure, or writing a program for work. It really doesn’t matter. Writing is a big part of who I am.

Maya said in a recent broadcast on Oprah’s new network, OWN, “Know you gifts and who you are. Take up the battle. Pick up the battle and make a better world.” Those are profound words. Loving who you are, what you are, and recognizing that you can be a teacher through your writing can liberate you. Look inside– the light is there– despite facing the hardship of finding the right word, the correct sentence, the moral or the laughter in a story, or just figuring out what you want to write about.

Breathe, relax. From your heart to your pen and paper– or in most cases to your computer– liberate yourself and just let yourself Be! Become your own teacher by observing others, being a good listener, a child of the world. Be a part of your surroundings. There is always something there for you to write about, and to teach others.

Own your words, your feelings, and share them. Reach inside to your light. Liberate yourself from doubt and insecurity. Love who you are and the gift you have been given. I would love to be able to sing, like many of my friends who can belt out their emotions on stage, but I know that’s not me. I do know that I can write about it through feeling their emotion in their voices, and how their emotion can touch me to write wonderful words of poetry and grace. I know it, because I feel it. The words flow easily then because the music touches me.

Find your light through whatever means it comes to you. Be a teacher of words, feelings and emotion. Feel liberated in your love of self, and the words you can express as they flow on the page. Teach yourself to teach others your truth.

Please write a comment and tell me how you have found your voice.