Mr. Ego vs Ms. Creativity

The snowbanks grew and grew as I observed the white flakes falling softly to the ground. I felt the cold on my face, and my nose drip. I loved the winter and the way it made me feel alive. Twirling and twirling until I would get dizzy and then falling into the snow would tickle me inside. I felt free, light and able to do anything my imagination allowed. I had no one telling me that I was “weird”- a favorite word my mother used to describe me. I was my own master of adventure as I began to make snow blocks for my igloo. I had to be prepared for the weather in this Lapland of snow and wind. I was going to save my village from termination. I was the heroine- always.

As a young teen, my emotions took over, and I would write all my greatest love stories and poems of love and heartache. It was my personal diary of love and a war within myself. I did have the imagined greatest of loves, but my inner pain would tell me “you are dreaming”. Mr. Ego was taking form. The pain was the ego coming to fruition. Mr. Ego never whimpered. He was beginning to take on a life of his own in my heart and my mind. I would write in my private world what Mr. Ego was telling me. He was harsh, and I would sit back and just listen, agree, and then write what he told me. My love stories became short vignettes of despair and loneliness, because Mr. Ego said I wasn’t worthy. I stopped writing, and put my imagination away for a few years while I was trying to “fit in” with the other teens who were going through the same thing but were afraid to admit it.

As a young woman and mother, I fought with a vengeance to “save” myself. I competed with other mothers on who was the best homemaker, who kept the best house, had the best children. Mr. Ego was there knocking at my shoulder on most days when the cupcakes I baked for my child’s school birthday party fell flat, or the washing machine broke and my kids had to go to school in dirty clothes. In retrospect, I worried for nothing. As a mother of six kids, I think I did a pretty damn good job, but my ego didn’t agree. I took my frustration out in writing again to escape my own insecurities of being a number one mother and wife. My writing never let me down, so I again grabbed on to my life rope of creativity.

As an older woman now, Mr. Ego still arrives, but now I know when he’s coming. I can feel the old insecurities coming for a visit when my heart starts to palpitate, or I feel envious of others. I try not to answer the door. I have found my inner peace to encourage myself as a person. I am beginning to reconnect with that little girl again who had no worries about what others thought of me. I am beginning to feel free again. My creativity has been set free through the help of music, art, reading, listening to what is around me, and just living in the present. I relish in the joy of my friends when their book is nearly finished or they have made a creative breakthrough. Their success is wonderful to share and savor.

TYPES OF EGOS AND WHAT TO LOOK FOR- We have several types!

1. The clinging ego- Wants to be taken care of and loved. They don’t want you to change, but just cling to the unchanging self.

2. Controlling ego- They love to tell you that you are wrong. This ego is demanding and desires perfection all the time. This ego has the capacity to criticize endlessly.

3. Competitive ego- They see all encounters with what you do and a contest. They would love to smash your imagination and inventiveness. They don’t want to let go.

It’s not easy to turn off the noise MR. Ego replays in your head over and over again. My solution was to pursue other forms of expression. Relax and take it all in. Return to your child-self. Break through your walls. This might demand a bit of a shake up in your world, but explode them. Knock down Mr. Ego with a sucker punch! Look inside yourself for your inspiration. I’m sure there is plenty there to share with no hesitation. Just stop being afraid. The kid in you is strong, so call him out again. He’ll take you where you have to go.

I would love to hear your comments. What gets in your way of being creative?


2 thoughts on “Mr. Ego vs Ms. Creativity

  1. Thanks for this perceptive piece, Cindi. I too took to writing at a very young age for the freedom and escapism it gave me, but also something integral to survival as a creative soul. You said it beautifully: “My writing never let me down, so I again grabbed on to my life rope of creativity.”

    I think I get in my own way…

  2. Thank you for the truth! I think I have all of the above ego problems and when I run into old writer friends and have nothing to share, it is such a puzzle to me. I, too have been letting out my true child and gifts. It is so hard sometimes to overcome the Mr. Ego voices, but it is so incredibly worth it. I recently penned a poem (my first love) about child abuse. I have avoided poetry for so long because I fear that kind of work. I felt it had the opposite effect. Instead of felling depressed, it let out some caged birds inside me and I feel I can write about other things. We just have to learn not to stand in our own way!

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